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The Leading mobile game publisher in MENA

DigitalSpace is the leading mobile game publisher in the MENA region with %80 market share focusing on catering Top-Tier mobile games to local tastes.

We have already worked with many great developers all around the world to publish high quality mobile games in the region. With access to over 45 million active users and our expertise in localization and monetization fields and near 10 years of experience in mobile game publishing, we can make any game flourish and grow.

Million Active Users
Years of Experience
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Who We Are

DigitalSpace has played an instrumental role in the expansion of information technology solutions in the daily lives of Iranians by providing a bridge between a tech-savvy public and community of developers while catering to local tastes. the company has access to 40 million active users and is the most significant home to android games for Mena’s android users.

we try to give freedom to developers and ease the proccess by accelerating launching of their products and offering them support.

Localization is our ultimate expertise that make games culturally relevant which will help unlock the highest arppu in the market and that is the way they can gain huge organic installs on our platforms.we use a data-driven approach for marketing and with this strategy, games can achieve millions of downloads.

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